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Ghost in the Shell: Man-Machine Interface 2 #6

Posted: Sunday, September 7, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer/Artist: Masamune Shirow
Publisher: Dark Horse Manga

As I read this comic, I am again stunned by the beauty of Masamune Shirow's artwork! He is a definite dazzler with his display of perplexing designs of beauty in a futuristic world. I also loved the colors that were displayed on various pages of this incredible story. I also got a kick out of the sidenotes displayed on the outer rims of each page. Like the sidenote that describes how e-brain humans wake-up before cyborgs because of poor postering, hunger, etc. My grandmother used to write letters that has scribbling on the sides, but nevertheless it was a fun read, as I turned her letter every which way to read it.

In our reality we have car jackers, in this reality we have brain jackers and the English language accommodates for new phrases and words. Like always I enjoyed the action. I actually turned off Vin Diesel's "A Man Apart" movie to finish reading my Ghost in the Shell, because there is better action in Ghost in the Shell than in Vin Diesel's movie. I love all the definitions and explanations of certain phrases and words, this is an incredible source for readers to fall back on as they continue with the story. In the magazine 'Scientific American" they mention that if true Artificial Intelligence were to be incorporated into the Internet, we could create our own god, because AI would absorb all knowledge that is now on the Internet. If this created god would become benovelent or evil, would be anyone's guess. In the futuristic world of Ghost in the Shell, AI is a reality and anything can possibly happen.

The bee with the transmitter reminded me of an article in Eye Spy magazine. Scientists are now working on nano-mites and nano-gnats that could fly and transmit images and audio to the receiver. The perfect spy gadget. In Ghost in the Shell the future is here, from the visionary eyes of Masamune Shirow!

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