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Uncanny X-Men #430

Posted: Monday, September 8, 2003
By: Tim Hartnett

(yes this rating is correct Ė ZERO bullets)

Thanks to: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for getting us moving, Roy Thomas and Neal Adams for keeping it alive, Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum for making it a legend, and Fabian Nicieza, Jim Lee, and Scott Lobdell who were the first to show me how great an X-Men comic could be.

Thatís right, this is it. After 10 years (over half my life) of sticking with my favorite team through good and bad, numerous writer and artist changes, and some of the best and worst comics have to offer, Iím finally dropping Uncanny X-Men. The X-Men have been ďdeadĒ for some time anyway. I feel Iíve given Chuck Austen a fair chance. Last time, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and provided extra points for actually sending the X-Men on an interesting adventure. However, due to his constant mockery of longtime fans of this book and utter disdain for his readers, I have lost respect for the man himself, and no longer wish to support his book, in addition to the fact that he has yet to respond directly to the specific concerns of his writing.

Sales are not directly better because of Chuck Austen, as Iíve proved time and time again by using Diamondís data in the message boards, and there has been little sign of any respect of the fans on Marvelís part---Austen just laughs in our faces (see any of his interviews), and Marvel doesnít care, as long as the $$$ roll in (which I always found ironic, seeing as how anyone else writing this book would probably yield higher sales). This remains the same old disgrace which has plagued the once great book into utter chaos.

Youíre probably tired of me mocking Bill Jemasí ďreal teen issuesĒ statement on an interview question regarding Uncanny X-Men, but this is exactly the thing Iím talking about. The Annie and Polaris situation has gone on for so long, and so poorly conceived and written, that I think itís truly safe to say itís a waste of paper. This is in addition to the obvious abuse of Sammy, the immature, repetitive ďdudeĒ talk of Annieís son and that Squid-thing, and the fact that the X-Men think they should secure Nightcrawlerís safety before acting---while heís in a trance. Just terrible. How could any editor who actually looks over a book approve these inconsistencies?

I think Iíve criticized this book enough these past few months so Iíll keep it short. Itís time to move on to better things.

Like the current incarnation that is DC.

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