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New X-Men #146

Posted: Wednesday, September 17, 2003
By: Shawn Hill

"Planet X 1: X-men Emergency!"

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artists: Phil Jiminez and Andy Lanning

Publisher: Marvel

We're back to the good stuff as Morrison returns to the Mansion and the School while mopping up the boys-only adventure story. IE last issue's cliffhanger where everything blew up. That still happened, yes, bu--

But, really, more plot. Let's see, last review I talked about Morrison making an art form of the cliffhanger. This issue he takes it to baroque extremes. To wit:

The Professor is trying to calm down a distraught Dust/Soorya (something upset her amongst the special students in Xorn's class), when Xorn himself arrives and her powers rage suddenl-

Beast and Emma race to rendezvous with Scott and Fantomex, who are falling from the damaged satellite space station on a commandeered vessel. We learn that Emma's herself again (and that she's fed up with life in the Mansion), but just as their blackbird approaches the rendezvous point, as if on cue, one of their wings expl-

Jean, who's taught herself how to pilot in minutes, barely needs her blackbird or spacesuit as she reaches the damaged station. She flies through open space sans airlock to get inside (she's become her old nemesis Firelord, if not surpassed him at this point). But Wolverine (who has taken messy care of Weapon 15) warns her off. Can't she see how eerily famili-

And that doesn't even get you to the last page, where a major reveal rocks this X-world to the core. It's. Just. Awesome.

Art-wise, looks like "Planet X" is going to be Jiminez's playground, and I couldn't be happier. This issue is some of his strongest work ever and not just on this title. It surpasses "Ambient Magnetic Fields," and at least equals the confrontation between Jean and Emma from the arc before last. It's the Invisibles without well, with slightly less weird weirdoes.

Basically, it's non-stop action from start to finish, a lightspeed rush that far outpaces the dopey legerdemain of the last 4 issues of a drunken Scott being led around by the nose by all those wiley and confused living weapons. It's the big stuff, and it's finally happening, and it's happening now.

Not to worry, though, because Phoenix has been back for some time, and she's no longer bothering to power down.

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