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Wake The Dead #1

Posted: Monday, September 29, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: Milx and Chee

Publisher: IDW

I have mixed feelings about this one. I was looking forward to more Milx artwork, since I loved his Silver Surfer issue, but it really doesnít hold up very consistently across the whole of the book. In fact, for the first couple of pages I wasnít sure just how old the main characters were, as they look to be small children, but then we notice the goatee and they start talking about medical school. As the pages progress, they settle into more adult looks, although thereís still something funny about the proportions throughout the title. Cheeís work (patching up the scenes Milx didnít get finished before going AWOL) is distractingly different in style. Itís not worse, or better really, but itís very different. I will say, though, that whoever is responsible for the two-page splash of the accident on pages 14 and 15, should take a bow. Excellent shot. Itís very very Geof Darrow in spirit, if not in detail.

The story is moving a little slow at the start. Iíd forgotten that this was more of a Frankenstein story, instead of a zombie story, so I was a little disappointed. You see, I love a good zombie story. I guess Iíll have to wait for Imageís The Walking Dead next month to get my fix (although Thor: Vikings has been pretty sweet on the zombie front). My main problem, aside from the initial pacing, is the characterizations. Niles seems to be relying on stereotypes rather than creating new characters for this story. Victor and Iggy (the Dr. Frankenstein and Igor of this story Ė although, to be honest, I think Victor might owe more to Herbert West, Re-Animator), are pretty straightforward in their representations; as are the jocks who should know better than to drink and drive. Vicís girlfriend Liz isnít really given much to do but call Victor from the scene of the crash and establish that she has pretty bad taste in men. The most interesting character, William, shows a lot of promise, especially with the cliffhanger ending to this first issue. As I said, the pacing is a little slow through the first half of the issue, but begins picking up nicely as the story goes on.

All in all, this is an okay start to a new horror miniseries from IDW. Nilesí work is pretty consistent from title to title from what Iíve read and hopefully the artwork will tighten up next month. If you like horror and Dark Horse isnít putting out enough for you, try this.

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