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Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #8

Posted: Saturday, October 18, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"G-G-Ghosts at the Gear Stick"

Writer: Alan Moore
Artists: Jason Pearson, David Self(c)

"The Masque of the Moonjacker"

Writer: Steve Moore
Artists: Arthur Adams, David Baron(c)

"Young Tom Strong & the Memory Pit"

Writer: Steve Moore
Artists: Alan Weiss(p), Kevin Nowlan(i), Phil Noto(c)
Publisher: DC

As usual Tom Strong's Terrific Tales presents three stories featuring the Tom Strong Family, Jonni Future and Young Tom Strong, respectively. What's very unusual is that each is worth your time.

I had no idea that Britain received the splendid Hanna-Barbera cartoon Whacky Racers, but Alan Moore writes up a Tom Strong cartoon as a fan would complete with a Dick Dastardly and snickering sidekick toon dog Muttley, two of Hanna-Barbera's most popular villains.

Jason Pearson tones down his usual style and buries any reliance on anime to illustrate an unbusy, smooth look that fits the cartoon being emulated.

Steve Moore's and Arthur Adams' semi-pornographic heroine Jonni Future for this issue actually takes part in a thoughtful science fiction adventure. She only thrusts out her breasts four times and shows off her buttocks twice. For Jonni that's tame. She also does not come off as a bimbo. Instead, she exhibits intelligence and thoughtfulness as well as a classic romantic personality.

The artwork by Mr. Adams bears an aesthetic intricacy when not concentrating on Jonni's anatomy, and when the camera pulls back, Jonni almost becomes an enchanting and interesting sci-fi hero that can be taken seriously.

Normally the clunker in Tom Strong's Terrific Tales invariably turns out to be Young Tom Strong, but Steve Moore must have eaten his Wheaties this issue because the plot actually does something and pays tribute to silver age issues of Wonder Woman.

His characterization for Young Tom Strong has him for once rising above that of the average thickie, and although the youth looks mighty odd, Alan Weiss makes the young, wiry Dhalua an utter cutie.

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