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Sojourn #28

Posted: Saturday, October 18, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Ian Edginton
Artists: Greg Land(p) Jay Leisten(i), Justin Ponser(c)
Publisher: Crossgen

In The Establishment Ian Edginton with Charlie Adlard combined various British television staples such as Doctor Who and The Prisoner to produce an at best very entertaining blip on the comic book RADAR screen. You may believe he could not do the same for Sojourn and make it work. This issue will prove that assumption incorrect.

When last our heroes were seen a beautifully drawn giant octopus had given their boat a gentle hug and thus rendered it into splinters. It seemed we had had seen the last of Arwyn, Gareth, Cassidey and Kreeg. This issue the mysterious chess playing deity and his slave certainly believe that their pieces are lost.

In between issues, our heroes washed ashore on an island, and here is where the fun begins. Mr. Edginton combines Arthur Conan Doyle's Professor Challenger with Lucio Fulci cannibal flicks and the nineties Gamera.

The success of such a fusion can be measured in how integrated are the main characters. While the story could be rewriten without changing the plot an iota for stars ranging from Sarah Jane Smith to Spider-Man, Mr. Edginton still makes the characters of Sojourn the most important feature.

Mr. Edginton dialogues a stirring speech for Arwyn that highlights how still she suffers from the loss of her husband and daughter. He reveals the origin of Kreeg and creates a bond between the ladies through their awe of Gareth's stupid bluff. The Challenger type loon may be mad, but even he does not believe Gareth's ridiculous claim.

Greg Land's artwork has with the depiction of a tropical paradise hiding flesh eating monsters never been more lush. His obviously beautiful Arwyn this issue exhibits striking contrast. We see how broken she is when comparing her angry, tearful expressions to her joyous face in flashback. The difference will astonish and shows how Mordath's brutality has shaped this woman into a weapon of vengeance.

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