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Flash #203

Posted: Sunday, November 2, 2003
By: Mike Storniolo

“Ignition pt 3, Crash and Burn”

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Alberto Dose

Publisher: DC

After crating a sonic boom and leveling a building, Wally frees the thugs from the wreckage and is on his way. The K.C.P.D is on the look out for Captain Cold, who they believe is responsible for all the recent cop killings. After some brief words with Leonard Snart, Wally sets out to the factory where the cop killer is. After getting used to the costume and all it’s goodies The Flash arrives. The crimson speedster is back…and a little rusty. After avoiding a frozen body he runs right onto some tar, instantly becoming stuck. The mysterious villain, revealed to be Mr. Element, than freezes The Flash.

With Ignition being the first Flash issues I’ve picked up I must say I am impressed. The new series penciler, Alberto Does, is doing a great job for me. His simple style provides a great addition to Geoff Johns’ story. In the past few issues Wally has given up being the Flash, and now has a job as a police mechanic. At the café he goes to he shares some words with Leonard Snart A.K.A Captain Cold, but does not know that it is him. From what I can tell Mr. Element seems to be a new villain, or another costume for Captain Cold. The part with Wally getting used to the Flash set-up all over was nice. Putting on the costume again for the first time in issues, and finally getting back into speed, but still a little rusty with his skills. The one thing I’ve always loved about heroes is the fact that no matter what they always know that they can and should do something. Like in this issue right after Wally gets on the costume he goes into that little bit about he has the power to do something, so he should do something, because it’s right. No matter what else is going on in their life, they’ll drop it just to save a life they know nothing about. This issue really proves it. A number of cops have been killed and Wally feels obliged to do something, even with everything going on with him and Linda. Speaking of Linda, I’m looking forward too see if Wally will reveal his identity to Linda. After losing the baby and her blaming it on the Flash that could be a crucial part in their relationship.

There’s not much I can really say about Geoff Johns run on Flash because I’ve only read it for a few issues, but those few I have read were really good. Johns really managed to capture the mind frame of what Wally’s going through. In denial that he is the Flash and refusing to put on the costume, while he sits back and watches cops get frozen left and right. Well we all knew eventually he’d give in and he did in this issue. Some of the thoughts running through his head were great. “What’s this?” “How do I use this?” Typical superhero that has been out for a while and is now getting back in the game. The one thing I liked was even though it’s a fairly easy thing to spot out and dodge Flash still didn’t think fast enough and got stuck in the tar. Had he been in sync with the whole Flash thing I’m sure he would have been able to dodge it, but if he did dodge it than that wouldn’t leave us with the set-up of how he gets frozen. Personally I think it’s cheap. If your going to freeze somebody than get in their face and do it, don’t be a coward and stand back ten feet.

Alberto Dose artwork is spectacular in this issue. It’s amazing how he draws the scenes with frozen bodies or lots of ice. My favorite scene is when Captain Cold/Leonard Snart hears his name on the news he gets that pissed off look. Dose captured that perfectly. The double splash of Flash getting used to running was great. That’s the one thing I’ve always respected about Flash artist…when Flash moves you usually draw him a couple times showing motion or a streak of red and yellow behind him. Not all artists can do that so well but Dose handles it like a champ. As simple as it can be sometimes Alberto Dose’s artwork still has all the necessary details and what not. The whole muggy and dark atmosphere of the arc is a really nice touch for the type of story being told and drawn. You get that feeling of loneliness, and quiet by reading the dialogue and then looking at the pictures. It all proves to be a great enhancement to the general idea of the story. I can’t wait to see “Mr. Element” finally come out of the shadows so Dose can show us what his costume or whatever really looks like. I’m sure he has great ideas and plans for it. The final showdown between he and the Flash is defiantly going to be a good one.

Final Word:
The book got four Silver Bullets for another good story by Geoff Johns, and great art by Alberto Dose. For $2.25 it’s a steal. Flash is surely one of the best titles out there that you need to be reading. It has mostly everything that you would want out of a superhero book. The conclusion to “Ignition” is something that you wouldn’t want to miss, and if things are going as planned when Wally reveals his secret to Linda, that’s going to be a good issue. There’s a lot looking good in Flash’s future just make sure you’re there to read it.

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