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Catwoman #24

Posted: Monday, November 3, 2003
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artists: Guy Davis (p), Cameron Stewart (i)

Publisher: DC

After arriving in St. Roch to find Wildcat waiting for them, we see Holly is left alone to explore the sites while Selina heads off with Ted in a bid to learn more about the group that has been dogging her heels for pretty much the entire trip. After Hawkman offers up a little insight into the group that is after her, we see Selina rushes off so she can be on hand when Holly meets the mystery man that Selina and company have been tracking down.

Before I get started in on my review, I'd like to take a moment to toot my own horn, as the glowing praise that adorns this issue's cover belongs to yours truly. Yes, I can make or break a book in this town, baby. In any event, now that I'm done basking in the glory that is me, I should probably offer up some comments on "the best title coming out of DC". Yes, if you're not reading this book, you're a complete poo-poo head. This issue marks the final chapter of the "we're on a tour of the DCU" arc, and this chapter takes our cast to the city of St. Roch, where naturally Catwoman runs into Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Now, unlike the sneaky cover would have you believe, their interaction is entirely friendly, and the only injury that they're in danger of coming down with is a slight bruising from all the patting on the backs that is going on in this issue. Now there's a cute little scene where Selina gets a heads up that Wildcat has been talking the ears off of his teammates in the JSA about the legend that is Catwoman, and Hawkman's inability to accept that Selina was joking about breaking into his museum was a fun use of the character's stern nature. This being the final chapter we also learn the truth about the mystery man that Selina has been tracking down, and while the answer is pretty much along the line of what I expected it to be, it's still an effective scene, and the book does a nice job of selling the idea that this is exactly the type of thing that Holly needs to get back to her old self.

As for the art, I always welcome the opportunity to read an issue where Guy Davis is providing the art, as he's one of the rare artist who is able to make the ordinary, visually engaging. In fact if I was given a choice of artists to deliver a story that was set in the real world, with now super-hero action intruding upon the story, I'd have to say that Guy Davis would be right near the top of the list, as he understands the concept of how to make the mundane look interesting. I mean the opening page is simply Holly sitting in a train car, but it's a truly wonderful looking sequence, that is nicely contrasted by the action scene that immediately follows it. The scene where Holly is making her way through the streets of St. Roch also does a nice job of capturing the underlying intent of the scene.

Final Word:
A pretty solid final chapter to this tour of the secondary cities of the DCU, and unlike last issue's visit to Opal City this time out Selina gets the opportunity to interact with the heroes that call this city home. Now this isn't exactly an action-packed affair, as except for a throwaway battle in the opening pages against the hapless assassins that are dogging Catwoman's heels, this issue is a pretty subdue affair. However, we do get some answers when it comes to the group that is making a habit of getting knocked around by Selina, as Hawkman is on hand to provide a rather dry, but fairly informative history lesson on what Selina managed to stumble into the middle of. The final pages of this issue also show us the big secret that has been driving this arc, as we not only learn the identity of the mystery man Selina was tracking down, but we also learn why. There's also some fun moments of interaction between Catwoman and Wildcat, and Hawkman's infamous sense of humor is put to good use. Still, it will be nice to get back to Gotham and the various subplots that were left dangling.

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