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Hellboy: Weird Tales #5

Posted: Saturday, November 8, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creators: Multiple creators.
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

I enjoyed all of the stories in Hellboy Weird Tales #5, but the story I enjoyed the most was 'Love is Scarier than Death". First off, I really enjoyed the pastel type of coloring done on the artwork. I also enjoyed the conversation between Agent Emma Granger and Hellboy as they sit in a parked car waiting for the "Goatman". The story was something right out of the X-Files. Besides the fact that Agent Granger and Hellboy waited for a long period of time for the Goatman to show up, it was plain weird that they referred themselves as bait for this monster. Being bait, could lead to their demise, well maybe not for Hellboy, but for Agent Granger it was a life threatening assignment, since 6 kids have died because of this monstrosity.

With the extreme drama, it was nice to get some comical relief as Hellboy learns that his whole love life is on the Internet for anyone to read. The heat of passion sometimes brings on evil and in this story it brought on the Goatman. The Goatman was attracted to this 'heat', the same way the Son of Sam and the Zodiac were also attracted to couples that were caught in a romantic liaison that lead to their untimely deaths. Hellboy was foolish to let Emma go, he had a chance for a nice fling, but decided to walk away. I can root for Hellboy for defeating the Goatman, but I can't root for him in not following through with Emma who was extremely hot for this hellish fellow!

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