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Raijin Comics #39

Posted: Saturday, November 8, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creators: Various
Publisher: Gutsoon Entertainment

The Keiji story in Monthly Raijin Comics #39 was fabulous. The artwork was so exquisitely detailed. Salute goes out to Ryu Keiichiro for his masterful metafiction story-telling and to Hara Tetsuo for his crafty meticulous details to the artwork.

The drama is intense as the nephew of Master Keiji draws his sword against his own uncle and has the gall to say that when a leader does not lead, followers will not follow. Even though this story is a work of fiction, it seems so realistic and when the story relates that it was the 12th year of the Eiroka Era 1569, it makes the story seem that much more believable. So much is involved with Arako Castle, a place that is a magnet to bloodshed.

The petition to open the castle gate is a important document that effects the populace in whole. With uncle v. nephew, the tension is thick. Keiji is filled with pride and it gets in his way. The subjects hate Keiji and he has every reason to fear the worse. This is a superb story that kept me mesmerized from one page to the next! And yet this is just one story with a collection of other greats…excellent value for money.

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