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Invincible #6

Posted: Wednesday, November 19, 2003
By: Mike Storniolo

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Cory Walker

Publisher: Image

Invincible (Mark Grayson) and his father Omni Man (Nolan Grayson) are having a few words about a recent incident; Invincible recently called out ďDadĒ in the middle of a battle and Omni Man fears that villains might get this knowledge and use it to get back at him. After some brief words Mark and his father change and Markís friend William comes over and they go to take a look at Upstate Universityís campus. After walking around a bit Mark and William sit down only to be disturbed by what appears to be a cyborg going crazy on the campus. After ditching William, Mark changes and pursues the fiend. The robot goes to lunge at a girl when Invincible swoops in and carries her away leaving the robot to go flying into a steel spike. Invincible flies away and changes than returns to William, who has something surprising to say. After returning home, Omni Man receives a call from his costume supplier saying that Black Sampson was being made a suit to restore his powers and itís gone. Invincible and Omni Man are left speechless; on another note Atom-Eve goes to the Teen Teamís hide out only to find something very wrong there.

Címon you know you want to buy this book. You know you want to. The book is like a magnet that attracts you to spend $3 dollarsÖand itís well worth it! This issue is the best so far. With the surprising thing William has to say, Markís parentsí actions, the mystery behind Black Sampsonís stolen suit, and not to mention a nice little comment on the back by all star Fantastic Four artist Mike Wieringo. See, everybody loves this book. Thereís always some new twist or mess up that Invincible makes that could have effect on his super hero future. Itís sad to see Robot leaving the Teen Team to join up with the Guardians of the Globe but Iím sure weíll still see a lot of him in Invincible. Iím very interested in seeing whatís at the Teen Teamís place that has Atom-Eve so upset, itís got to be something good. College life for Mark as a full-time student AND a superhero should be very interesting; I wonder if heís going to duck out of classes like Spidey in Ultimate Spider-Man?

Kirkman is the man plain and simple. Just read Invincible youíll see what I mean. This book has everything you want action, comedy, drama, conflict, romance you name it, and itís there. Kirkman gives you every cent of that $2.99 that you gladly pay for the book; his attention to detail is one thing that doesnít go unnoticed - for instance in the first issue Markís throwing a trash bag out and he wings it halfway around the world and thatís how he discovers his powersÖin this issue you see the trash bag land in Europe. Most writers would just leave it and not follow up but not Kirkman, he makes sure the little things are taken care of. Also in this issue Markís parents have a little scene and they get busted when Mark sees his momís shirt on backwards.

Cory Walkerís work is so clear, crisp and fresh; his art really makes the book, without it, it just wouldnít be the same. Iíve seen some of the other artistís pin-ups and Walkerís style just fits the book like a glove! Bill Crabtreeís colors are spectacular throughout the whole book; the vibrancy of it brings a great feeling to the pages of this story.

Final Word:
Buy this book! What more do I have to say. Five Silver Bullets for every single thing that I said above. Itís that damn good. For only $2.99 itís a steal.

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