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Sojourn #29

Posted: Friday, November 21, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Ian Edginton
Artists: Greg Land(p), Matt Ryan(i), Justin Ponser(c)
Publisher: Crossgen

Writer Ian Edginton reveals what happened to our questers in the last issue Sojourn at the very end of his surprising tale. Getting to that revelation proves to be a lot of fun.

Mr. Edginton and Mr. Land open the book on an idyllic moment shattered by the question: who's been sleeping in my bed. Arwyn's and Cassidey's reactions are pure screwball and sets the mood for the majority of the book.

Within the risqué, Mr. Edginton explores the relationship between Cass and Gareth. He almost tricks you into thinking Cass has always been one of the party and not a latecomer. This feeling is aided by her more relaxed friendship with Arwyn.

Arwyn no longer suspects Cass every minute of every hour. Given that her trust issues have been resolved, she cannot help but soften her normally hard demeanor when faced with a ludicrous situation. Her dialogue is hilarious and tersely characteristic.

Less involving but quite well-written scenes involving the goof chessplayer and his blind seer better fit in the story. Never trust a chessplayer whose pieces are based on real people.

This issue of Sojourn is a fun little romp that also acts as a pretty decent stand-alone adventure and an excellent jumping on point for new readers.

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