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Green Arrow #32

Posted: Sunday, November 23, 2003
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Judd Winick
Artists: Manuel Garcia (p), Steve Bird (i)

Publisher: DC

After checking in on Oliver and learning that Connor is driving him crazy, we see Roy decides the solution to this potential family feud is to take Connor out for a night on the town. While Roy and Connor are quick to discover their interests are miles apart, and they each hold very different ideas of an enjoyable night out, we see they find enough common ground that the night ends with a rather sentimental moment where they realize they are essentially brothers.

I'm actually rather glad to get an issue like this as while I'm pretty familiar with Roy thanks to his membership in the Titans, Connor is another story, as except for his memorable guest-appearance in the opening year of the "JLA", and a couple crossovers with "Green Lantern", I can't say I've had much exposure to this character. To my understanding he is the biological son of Oliver Queen, and that he was raised in a monastery, which apparently sidelines as a school for the fighting arts. However, this issue draws most of its entertainment value from the simple fact that Connor's personality is almost the exact opposite of Roy's and as such Judd Winick has some fun by having these two very different characters play off each other. The only real problem is that the two characters never really get upset, so what we have is a clash of personalities in which both seem to be going out of their way not to offend the other. Now, I don't expect the two to come to blows, as frankly Connor comes across as a rather low key, fairly centered personality, and as such it would be out of character for him to get too frustrated. However, the issue does have them coming across as too willing to take the other's feelings into consideration, which doesn't make for the most entertaining of personality clashes. Still there are enough cute moments to keep one entertained.

As for the art, this issue is delivered by guest-artist Manual Garcia who brings a fairly gritty looking style, that lends itself quite nicely to the more seedy sections of the story where Roy drags Connor down to his level. The art also does a pretty fair job on the issue's main action sequence as it's fairly easy to follow which character is moving where, and what they are doing. The big impact shot of Roy smashing through the store widow with a couple of the thugs is also quite impressive. The art isn't as impressive when it comes to the facial expressions though, as most of the time we receive some rather stone-faced expressions, and as such some of the more humorous and/or intense moments aren't nearly as effective as they might've been. I did like the highly expressive cover though, as the two characters are both sporting amusing expressions.

Final Word:
A solid issue in that it manages to establish a relationship between Roy and Connor, as the two head out for a night on the town together, and manage to discover that while they have very little in common, they can have a good time together. Now I would've preferred a little more confrontation between the two, as the issue has them getting along too well to draw much enjoyment from their clash of personalities, but than again given Connor is a character who would be inclined to bend before he breaks, I guess this evening on the town played out pretty much like one would expect it to. Still, it would've been fun to see a little more bite to their interaction, as there is a couple moments where the book gets almost too goody-goody that I wanted a bit of tension to liven things up. Still, there's a couple genuinely funny moments, and both characters get a good showing, which in Connor's case is much appreciated as I'm not all that familiar with the character. The action sequence in the middle of the book is also quite solid, and it features a cute clash of fighting styles.

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