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Wonder Woman #198

Posted: Wednesday, November 26, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

ďDown To Earth, part 3Ē

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Drew Johnson (p), Ray Snyder (i)

Publisher: DC

Iím quickly losing interest in this title. The art is very nice and the writing is good, however, thereís this subtle element of simplicity to the characterizations and events that is starting to annoy me. The representation of Eros, for one thing, just didnít work for me. Iím sure there are arguments for why the character acts and looks this way, I just donít care about them. I donít want to have to rationalize why I shouldnít react the way I do and this didnít work for me. The same goes for Zeusí little private monologue. It just seemed kind of silly, or at best, geared for an audience that doesnít include me. You know, the mainstream DC audience.

The televised debate was another point of contention with me. The entire subplot revolving around it and the video footage of Wonder Woman and Flash in the forest fire (from last issue), were incredibly simplistic and not very realistic to me. Maybe they are to you. They just didnít work for me. The same kind of weak characterization is going on over at Marvel in Thor where opposing arguments are presented in a manner that they really donít have much grounding, and therefore seem to either be consciously misrepresenting the opposition or just not understanding them well enough to make them believable. Itís the same thing here, really. Itís much easier to make the opponent an ignorant bigot instead of an intelligent person of faith. This kind of shorthand characterization is way too common in comics and helps foster the idea that the medium is incapable of dealing with real issues or mature situations.

Iím kind of interested in who the winged woman is at the end, since she seems to be someone that regular readers would be familiar with. But, I donít really care enough to try to track down the information. Hell, I probably wonít be reading much more of this title anyway.

The good news: Itís the first time Iíve ever found Wonder Woman interesting as a character (and not just as a fetish icon). The bad news: I still donít really care much about her or the supporting characters. Maybe itís because I donít like The West Wing either. Itís worth checking out, but itís not really for me. Just like every other mainstream DC title. Whatís up with that?

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