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Sojourn #29

Posted: Wednesday, November 26, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

Writer: Ian Edginton
Artist: Greg Land (p), Matt Ryan with Jay Leisten (i)

Publisher: CrossGen

Well, this was better than last issue, anyway. Our heroes wash up on yet another island, this time inhabited by beautiful women. Does Land know how to draw a plain woman? His photo-reference file must be bursting with soft-core porn. But the ladies have a secret! What is it? I donít think Iíll tell you. Go read it to see. But if youíre a reader who has been here since the beginning, you wonít be too surprised. Personally, I thought it was kinda cool, but not much of anything to write home about.

I was glad to see something actually happen with the whole chess player sub-plot. Hopefully that will pay off with something that actually moves the story forward. The writing here is also more geared toward character definition, so we are learning new and interesting things about our heroes, even if it is usually paired up with cheesecake art that kind of distracts from what theyíre saying. I think Iím finally reaching saturation point with Landís art. Everyone is just too attractive. It makes me wonder what Landís art would be like if he just drew someone without a photo reference. Maybe it would be just as good. I donít know. All I know is that these people are way too pretty and Iím starting to get distracted by it. For example, the opening pages with Arwyn and Cassidy waking up naked in bed together. I know they talk about something or other, but who cares what theyíre saying? Theyíre NAKED IN BED TOGETHER! They keep striking cheesecake poses and exposing their long backs. You know, in the shots that make you think you might see some ass, but then you donít. In other books, I would diss this as exploitation and not be interested in it. But Landís women (and men, to be fair) are so realistic and so hot that it really IS distracting and takes away from the story.

Finally! Some movement in the storyline! Iíll keep getting it for a while, but I think I might go back to just buying the trades. That way, Iím not getting hit in the face with pretty people every month and can accept it a little easier.

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