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The Legion #27

Posted: Saturday, November 29, 2003
By: Shawn Hill

"Foundations Part Three"

Writers: Abnett and Lanning
Artists: Batista and Wallace

Publisher: DC

As the Apokaliptian analogues of ancient heroes continue their work on the old Brande stargates, Braniac 5 and Gear realize that the galaxy has shrunk by a factor of 27%. The eerie villains are funneling dark matter somewhere and they prove less formidable in general as the Legion directs its full attention toward them. Meanwhile, Superboy is not living up to his reputation, and Jazmin continues to experience weird time distortions.

We're right in the middle of an arc, and it certainly fills like it. Complications continue, there are a few minor revelations, but we end up at a bigger mystery than any we've had before. DnA are really getting their formula down, which is better than losing the plot completely in the third year of a title (i.e. what happened in volume 4).

The cover's gorgeous, the best example yet of Feister and Harris' cell-painted animation look. It's a shame Kon-El is proving such a doofus in the future, and taking on a legendary costume isn't really helping him assert his own identity. While we're not seeing the worship that greeted Valor at points since the reboot (and conveniently, no Valor at all, as he and R.J. Brande as a small contingent of Legionnaires are off being diplomats in the Second Galaxy), Kon's causing a lot of consternation, both within the team and without.

I only have the vaguest grasp of what his powers might be these days, as he doesn't seem much like the telekinetic kid I remember from his own series, but he's not the big bruiser currently appearing in the Titans, either. Some more clarity on this would be welcome.

This time we get ersatz versions of J'Onzz, Hawkwoman, Orion, Firestorm and GL, but they prove less than a match for Spark, Timber Wolf, Cosmic Boy, Ultra Boy, Leviathan and Shikari. Brainy's gotten very aggressive with his force field, too, and Lyle is as fleet on his feet as ever in battle.

While Jazmin is proving an able leader, it's beyond foolish for her not to share her power fluctuations with the team. Especially as they seem directly tied in to what might be happening with Darkseid. In a way, DnA are repeating parts of their Universo arc, with Jaz being the one to receive flashes of doom like Nura did in the former story. Batista's inventive, consistent art is going a long way towards selling this story, but I think it's time for some of these many threads to come to a head, the sooner the better.

Oh, and the kiss between Brainiac and Lyle? It's about time, boys. We were all waiting.

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