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Lone #3

Posted: Sunday, November 30, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Stuart Moore
Artists: Jerome Opena(p), Joyn Wycough(i), Michelle Madsen(c)
Publisher: Dark Horse

Lone inspired by spaghetti westerns explores sci-fi territory through the use of unusual encounters that can only be met with the iron of the gun.

This issue of Lone takes a danger of desert living, assumes it to be a cliché and then twists that tradition in a new way. Not many cowboy films featured coyote attacks, but the coyotes do more than howl in the lonely night of an apocalyptic world.

While these coyotes would seem to be no match for gunplay, the creators use their adjustments to provide an eerie threat to the quartet: Lone, Luke, Cletus and Mark. Luke is a natural gunfighter, which liberates her from the traditions of womanhood. Mark in particular finds no solace in the law of the gun, and his introspection adds depth to his character.

Their interaction with title gunslinger Lone makes perfect sense. The caution Mark displays suits his character of a young father, and the creators build plenty of suspense when Mark has his showdown with the mercenary in order to discover the truth.

The art team makes good use of the stark setting. The openness of the environment helps generate the cool, western night atmosphere. They employ very few backgrounds. Instead, a palette of color evokes the night, the warmth of the fire or the red of death. This lack of business better allows for the creation of tense drama without distraction.

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