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New X-Men #149

Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2003
By: Michael Wilson

“Phoenix in Darkness: Planet X Part 4 of 5”

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artists: Phil Jimenez (p), Andy Lanning (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Magneto feels like the king of the world and is ready to massacre the remainder of New York’s humans Nazi style. However, his control over his army of teenage losers is slipping and it looks likes he might be suffering some strange side effects from the drug known as kick. Unknown to him, though, Cyclops and Fantomex are back on Earth and ready to dish up some kick a$$.

Grant Morrison has been the best thing to happen to the X-Men since 1991. I’m afraid, however, that there is a possibility that he has bitten off a little bit more than he can chew with this storyline. I’m suspicious that he did not do adequate research before the “Assault on Weapon Plus” storyline, which led right into “Planet X”, and I believe that some continuity issues are sure to come up soon. However, with the mind-blowing events of “Planet X” taking place so fast, it’s hard for some readers right now to digest it all. With most of the “New X-Men” team in this title out of the picture for the time being, I have to wonder why the other X-team (from “Uncanny X-Men”, which has recently been staying at the mansion) has not stepped in to help. With Phoenix and Wolverine’s situation looking as hopeless as you can get, with Beast and Frost not doing much better, with Xavier effectively dealt with, and with Earth’s other heroes unable to help out, I sure hope this storyline concludes as masterfully as it started. Recently, there have been rumors that one X-Man will die with the anniversary issue, #150. After reading #151 in a recent Wizard Magazine, I will confirm that that is correct, but I won’t spoil anything.

Some of my biggest pet peeves about Marvel Comics have come up with this storyline. I have always hated how all of Marvel’s super heroes headquarter themselves in the City of New York, or nearby, and then the city gets destroyed every month. In some old X-Factor comic (was it #55?) a restaurant that Cyclops and Jean were eating at was demolished by giant bugs and then the waiter said they had superhero insurance. I hope that isn’t Marvel’s excuse for this idiocy. I try to think of comics being as realistic as possible, but it doesn’t help when 8 million people continue to live in New York, but have to rebuild their apartments at least twice a month because superheroes can’t seem to spread out a little bit more. I cannot stand to see superheroes in New York at all anymore. And now that New York is completely destroyed, much worse than usual (that’s not easy to do; it looks worse now than it did with Onslaught), I would think that this story would have been a major crossover event. I don’t like crossovers like I used to, but that’s the realistic thing to do in this story.

Another thing that annoys me, and a lots of readers that cross over to DC, is that Marvel has a bad name for bringing back dead people. In some interview I read a year ago, editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said that he implemented a “No Resurrection” policy. Oh yeah? Well what’s Magneto doing back? Just because Wizard Magazine gave his sudden reappearance the honor of being Best Moment of the Year, doesn’t make it right. What’s worse is that the same author that killed him off in the first place brought him back. That’s a first.

In conclusion, while I have to congratulate Morrison on his great run on the series(you guys know this is his penultimate storyline, right?) I have to also add that I was disappointed that one artist was not picked to consistently work on the title in two years and that almost none of it was very good(only a couple exceptions). And I can’t finish this review without adding that Magneto’s costume just doesn’t work this day in age. His “Eve of Destruction” costume was cool, but this one is downright ugly. I know old Mags has more style than that.

Final Word:
You’d be a fool not to buy this issue and see this story through to the end.

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