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Weapon X #15

Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2003
By: Michael Wilson


Writer: Frank Tieri
Artists: Georges Jeanty (p), Norm Rapmund & Don Hillsman (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Chamber’s depressed about his love life, so he drowns his sorrows in liquor at a local bar. Just as he starts a bar fight, the X-Men show up to take him down. They let him go to jail and then he gets an offer from Weapon X.

This issue is the prologue to the upcoming “Defection” storyline in which Chamber severs his ties to the X-Men and joins Weapon X. My main problem with this book is that all the stories are about who joins and leaves the team, but they hardly relate to what they’re supposed to do as a team. Marrow and Mesmero assassinated someone in the second issue and Zero was doing what he does best in issue #3. Aside from that, this book seems to only be about seeing what happens when the losers of the X-world, who haven’t yet bit the dust, become a team. Chamber has proven that he is eligible for Weapon X. In recent issues of Uncanny X-Men, he came back from college only to find that Husk, who he liked, but never actually dated, was now in a relationship with Angel. Now he’s angry about it and doesn’t know what to do.

I haven’t really enjoyed the writing on this title so far, but now I really feel like Frank Tieri is just bored and puts no effort into this title - since hardly anything happens in this issue and it seems like it’s over before it begins. It doesn’t stand well as its own issue, so if I were editor over the X-books and Marvel still had annuals, I would have added the events of this issue to the end of Weapon X 2003. Unfortunately, a whole issue had to be wasted.

Georges Jeanty is not what this title needs to liven it up a bit. His artwork lacks detail and personality. His pencils went well with the Deadpool: Agent of Weapon X storyline, which was light-hearted humor, so I think he should stick with comics like that. John Paul Leon did an excellent job in issue #14 with how he fused his typical style with that of the Golden Age style and mostly used grays, blacks, and whites as colors for that story. That kind of creativity is too much to ask for from Jeanty. At least the cover was cool.

The continuity of the title itself is becoming something of a problem for me. With the conclusion of New X-Men’s “Assault on Weapon Plus” storyline, one has to wonder if the current Weapon X program has any affiliation with Weapon Plus. This must be addressed. Also, with Blaquesmith, Maverick, and a number of other Underground militants unaffected by Sinister’s memory alterations, I would think that they would return to take down Weapon X for good (this time with Fantomex and Wolverine). I also wonder if we’ll ever find out about Aurora’s secret agenda. Sinister doesn’t need Weapon X to give him mutant samples, so I wonder why he’s actually there. Lastly, in the real X-world, the X-Treme X-Men (the only X-team at this point that would look into something like that) would have probably investigated the Neverland rumors in depth ages ago, but that hasn’t happened.

Final Word:
Buy this issue if only for continuity purposes. If you still want to know who Zero is, tough luck because I don’t think Frank Tieri has any intention of revealing that.

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