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Mystic #42

Posted: Wednesday, December 3, 2003
By: Richard Vasseur

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artists: Aaron Lopesti (p), Matt Ryan (i)

Publisher: CrossGen

The cover shows Giselle and her Yeti friend being chased up a mountain by a Snow Dragon. Giselle is powerless and looks afraid. To escape that Snow Dragon the Yeti and Giselle jump off a cliff while the Yeti whistles. Did you know Yeti's can whistle? His whistle brings Atook a caveman riding a giant bat to catch them. They fly back to the Yeti's home. Yeti the wise super genius is going to relate a story to help Giselle understand that perhaps her power is in her and not the Sigil she used to have. Also that perhaps she can save this primitive world and restore magic to it.

The story is about Yeti fighting and defeating the Alpha male in his tribe for a girl. She than spurns him because his Stink Gland his Pheromones were shut off. Andar (Skitter) fixes that. The girl is his. The morale is even though the stink juice was turned off it was still within him. As Giselle's power is.
The Yeti, Giselle and Atook go to the Snow Dragon's lair. To turn off Archemus's device that stops magic from working in this world. Than the Snow Dragon comes home. Will Giselle get her magic back in time to save them?

The art is great. The Yeti looks cool in a bathrobe. Giselle is cute in fur. The wintery mountain scenery is very well drawn.

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