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Superman/Batman #4

Posted: Monday, December 8, 2003
By: Mike Storniolo

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Ed McGuinness (p), Dexter Vines (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

“The World’s Finest pt. 4”

A piece of Krypton is heading for earth and President Luthor is blaming it on Superman. He sends out a headhunter for Superman and Batman and the battle continues. Katana and Power Girl are yanked out in the middle of the fight by Superman and Batman, and are teleported to Tokyo. On another note Luthor takes some sort of injection and then proceeds to get with Amanda, head of Meta Human affairs. Now in Tokyo Power Girl and Katana report to Superman and Batman on the situation. Captain Atom and his team show up and start the fight again. Major Force releases a big energy blast and all the heroes work to contain it. Captain Atom proceeds to absorb it all thus killing Major Force and himself. After escaping to the arctic, Superman and Batman continue the discussion. Than Hawkman and Captain Marvel, of the JSA, show up to capture the two heroes. After a gruelling fight Captain Marvel and Hawkman succeed and get ready to bring back Superman and Batman as instructed.

This issue gets two bullets. That’s right, just two bullets. The story was great, and the art, as usual, was fantastic; but it gets two silver bullets for the fact that Jeph Loeb has President Lex Luthor hooking up with the head of Meta Human affairs. Eeew. That’s all I can say. Eeeew. That had to be the single most disgusting scene in comics. What are you thinking Jeph Loeb?

Anyway with that aside the overall issue was good. I’ve enjoyed Loeb and McGuinness’ Superman/Batman a lot. The Captain Marvel/Hawkman versus Superman/Batman fight was great. I liked how Power Girl and Katana were moles keeping Superman and Batman informed. The only other downside…Captain Atom is dead. I really liked him and I was hoping that he would turn sides and help Batman and Superman fight Luthor.

Where should I start with Ed McGuinness’ artwork on Superman/Batman? Hmmmm…it’s just all around a great thing for the book. His musculature is a little bit over done at times but other than that I don’t really have any complaints.

Final Word:
Superman/Batman has been doing a good job. It’s nothing like the old world’s finest issues but I think that it will live up to the legend and hopefully surpass it and set some new standards. Maybe two bullets is a little harsh. But that scene…

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