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Ultimate Spider-Man #50

Posted: Monday, December 8, 2003
By: Mike Storniolo

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mark Bagley (p), Art Thibert (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

“The Black Cat Pt. 1”

It’s the spectacular 50th issue for Ultimate Spider-Man! The Black Cat wreaks hell with her bad luck powers inside a local building. After everybody’s “busy” she proceeds to steal a priceless tablet with unknown powers. On her way out she encounters Spider-Man and has extremely little to say. After trying to stop her, and failing, the only thing Black Cat has to say to Spider-Man is… “Crossed a black cat, seven years bad luck.” After she disappears Peter heads home. While hanging around in the basement Aunt May calls Peter and Mary up. Mary’s dad seemed to have read her diary and is demanding to know what happened at the bridge that she almost died. Peter refuses to say anything and Mr. Watson lays down the law. Peter just Forrest Gumps something together for Aunt May so she’ll believe him. Aunt May and Gwen head out to the Watson’s to do some spy work and Peter turns on the TV only to find out that he’s being blamed for the stealing of the tablet; And so seven years of bad luck begin…or do they?

Bendis and Bagley just keep the good books rolling, I don’t know how they manage to do it - issue after issue it just gets better and better. The new look for Ultimate Black Cat is phenomenal! How could I forget Mary’s father going all ape shit on Peter, and than Pete supposedly having seven years of bad luck. There were some parts of the story that had little or no dialogue but Bagley’s pencils told the story all by themselves.

Bendis’ writing for Ultimate Spider-Man is probably the most realistic take on a super-hero comic book yet to come. He makes it so close to the real world that you could see yourself in Peter’s place. His writing for Aunt May has to be the best in a long while. He’s changed her from the shy, timid old woman to the upbeat, and lively old woman. The relationship that he established between May and Peter is fantastic. Peter’s fed her some pretty out there excuses and she trusts him enough to believe him. One of these days he’s going to get busted good and Bendis is going to most likely make it the best scene in the entire series.

Final Word:
Why aren’t you reading this book? It’s got everything that a great comic should have. Action, drama, this, that and all from a price tag of $2.25!

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