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The Crew #7

Posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2003
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Christopher Priest
Artists: Joe Bennett (p), Crime Lab Studio & Rich Perrotta (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

With the Crew assembled we see that while they aren't exactly happy about being forced to work together, they all see how their individual interests could be advanced by taking down the 66 Bridges. To this end we see the group manages to smash their way into the heart of the organization, and while things get a little dicey, in the end they are able to gather the evidence they need to bring down the 66 Bridges.

It's a little difficult to get too excited about this issue, as while this issue marks the first time that the Crew are working together as a group, it's also the final issue which makes one's enjoyment of this new group rather short-lived. Now the group does make for a rather interesting mix of personalities, as we have the driven, do whatever it takes alpha male of the group in the character of Jim Rhodes, the backstabbing, on board as long as his interests are being advanced character provided by Danny Vincent, the uncertain rookie provided by Kasper Cole and the Zen like, square-jawed super-hero in the form of Josiah X. Together they make for a fun little group, and it's a shame that we won't be seeing this group in action against a more formidable opponent than a glorified street gang. However, while the 66 Bridges don't make for the most exciting of opponents, there are a couple moments that made things interesting, as we see the group looks to battle its way up to the penthouse suite, only to be blown to kingdom come by the head baddie who was hiding in the parking garage the entire time. There's also a great use of one of the pieces of the War Machine armor that Rhodey has in his possession, and there's also a fairly solid super-hero moment involving Josiah X as we see he's busy rescuing people from a burning subway car. There's also the big shock as Rhodey is the recipient of a particularly vicious attack.

As for the art, Joe Bennett continues to show why if nothing else this series has proven he's deserving of a monthly series, as his work tells the story in a clear, visually exciting manner, and his action sequences are top notch. Now the big scene where Rhodey is attacked by Triage isn't presented as clearly as it could've been, as the attack is completely obscured by Rhodey's body, but than again if one is paying attention to the pages leading up to this one page spread, than it's pretty easy to tell what's going on. I will say that the opening pages of this issue do a fantastic job selling the sense of energy that comes with seeing this group in action together, with the scene where Kasper runs up the side of the building being a particularly impressive sequence. Rhodey's big action moment is also nicely presented, as he brings a car speeding toward him to a very quick stop.

Final Word:
A fairly exciting issue, as the Crew are involved in a fairly lengthy battle, and they put on a pretty impressive showing, as they tackle an army of heavily armed goons, and in what is turning out to be one of Christopher Priest's favorite action sequences, we see a couple members of the group take on an attack helicopter. The book also makes pretty good use of its diverse mix of personalities, as while the issue is narrated by Kasper Cole, from his viewpoint of the battle we get a pretty good look at his teammates in action, from Danny Vincent's complete willingness to leave his teammates in the lurch when he's presented with an opportunity to advance his own interests, to the selfless heroism performed by Josiah X which acts as nice bit of redemption that makes it easy to overlook the questionable behavior he was engaged in earlier in the series. The indecision of Kasper when he's presented with two choices during the battle is also nicely done, and I have to say I was genuinely surprised by the choice he made. My only real complaint about this issue is that Rhodey isn't given much to do after he puts on an impressive show of stopping the car.

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