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Fallen Angel #6

Posted: Saturday, December 13, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"Pipe Dreams"

Writer: Peter David
Artists: David Lopez(p), Fernando Blanco(i), Nathan Eyring(c)
Publisher: DC

"Bleah!" The story in Fallen Angel disappoints in several ways. At least our "enigmatic" hero--also known as the post-Crisis Supergirl--isn't wearing little, gray socks this issue or crushing her boobs against the edge of a tub.

While Peter David seemed to be setting up a mystery in the first chapters of the storyarc, you learn that this story was not a mystery at all; just a waste of time. Mr. David in no way played fair with the reader. I do not care if Sherlock Holmes himself walked among us. Even he would be baffled at the solution to the splatter. Even the master detective required a clue or two to direct him to the culprit of the crime. None were and are given to explain the solution.

The answer to the puzzle comes out of nowhere. All the links set up by Mr. David in previous issues to Asia Minor, to the Mideast City from whence he came, to the frightened little boy seeking shelter at Dolph's meant absolutely nothing to the story. These titbits cannot be considered red herrings because as I said, the story cannot be classified as a mystery or even a detective story where one follows the detective down a path that presents a logical solution. Logic does not play in this sandbox. Evidentiary observations cannot be found, and as a result the reader feels cheated.

David Lopez gets to do more super-hero instead of sock action this issue, and although his artwork relates a visually competent story, the plot itself is completely worthless. You cannot dope out the plot. The implications are ridiculous, and quite frankly the motivations of the creature and why this imploding assault occurs now escapes me.

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