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Fantastic Four #508

Posted: Thursday, December 18, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"Authoritative Action": Part 6

Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Howard Porter(p), Norm Rapmund(i), Avalon's Matt Mila(c)
Publisher: Marvel

While this issue of The Fantastic Four represents Howard Porter's best work on the title, we're still stuck with a tired story that lingers like a bad taste in the mouth. "Authoritative Action" will be reassessed by its current champions, and they will I suspect eventually arrive at the same conclusion I immediately did. It's worth pig's vomit!

Pretentious, icky and plagued with characterization that ill fits Reed Richards and Victor von Doom, the thank the cosmos it's over last chapter adds to the malaise. Deus ex machina, the god in the machine, by the hack who wrote this drivel, can be seen in the convenience of U.N. Peacekeepers wielding weapons capable of destroying the FF. Logic, this is window. Window, this is logic.

Blastaar, Annhilius, Terrax the Terminator, all of these beings have blasted the crap out of the FF, yet still they rose to defeat them. Mr. Waid wants me to believe that the U.N. and S.H.I.E.L.D. have the power that these bloody cosmic beings, one of whom was the freakin' herald of Galactus, were incapable of mustering. Well, you'll pardon me for doubting Mr. Waid's "sheer, unadulterated" brilliance.

The weapons provide the contrived shock ending aiming for poignancy but instead floundering for straws to grasp. Buffy, Xena, Spock. Those deaths I felt in my bones. The death of one of the Fantastic Four, and I'll not say which rocky individual who is not Reed, Sue or Johnny, buys it big time until he "gets better" to paraphrase Monty Python's Flying Circus, lacks impact because it draws upon the airy potency of the weapons provided by--oh, the dreaded world power Liechtenstein I guess. Fantastic Four is essentially Mark Waid giving the two-twenty-five finger to the title's fans.

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