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Wolverine #9

Posted: Thursday, December 25, 2003
By: Richard Vasseur

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Leandro Fernandez

Publisher: Marvel

Wow this cover will blow you away. Logan's head and claws are just above the water. Itís subdued looking but powerful.

Rojas the drug smuggler doesn't care about anyone. He orders his own men killed to try to get Logan. Logan breaks into the estate and gets to Rojas. He has his claws out and is ready for the kill. Only it turns out he'll have to kill two not one. Rojas is a woman and she is pregnant. Not so easy now for Logan. What will he do next issue?

Logan goes through these bad guys as if they don't exist he needs a challenge. He needs to face someone that can go toe to toe with him.

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