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Wonder Woman #199

Posted: Friday, December 26, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"Down to Earth": Part Four

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artists: Drew Johnson(p), Ray Snyder(i), Richard & Tanya Horrie(c)
Publisher: DC

Greg Rucka continues to unfold the story in Wonder Woman at a leisurely pace that better concentrates on the characterization and the nuances of plotting. Drew Johnson demonstrates sublime but potent illustrations that weave into the tapestry of Mr. Rucka's words.

Like most super-hero fans, I appreciate action in stories. Indeed, the less action in a story, the more likely I am to chew my leg off to escape that story. The dialogue and the behind the scenes plotting opaque to the characters but translucent to the reader will inexorably draw in even the most action-thirsty. If you have a brain, prepare for stimulation by a crafted story that considers every contingency and cannot fail to fascinate.

The meat of this chapter involves Wonder Woman's confrontation against Ares. Here, Mr. Rucka surprises, but not with shock. His method instead involves the expression of the understated and his respect for the characters, which is a reflection on the intelligence of the reader.

Drew Johnson despite the rather calm current surprisingly still makes Wonder Woman visually enticing. There is a lot of dialogue to read; yet Mr. Johnson's Wonder Woman is such an awesome figure that she holds your attention and helps you focus.

The story while impressive is not perfect in execution. The moments in which Wonder Woman and Ares discuss their opposing viewpoints both in art and in direction too quickly make the reader recall similar scenes in Alan Moore's and J.H. Williams' Promethea. The familiarity however does not breed contempt.

Wonder Woman is a thoughtful exercise into the world of Diana. The story is not bereft of action, but it is more about the intrigue of deific interference into mortal affairs and the unleashing of the paranormal by human evil against one of the top three heroes in American culture.

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