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Cerebus #298

Posted: Monday, February 2, 2004
By: Rick Sharer

"Latter Days #33”

Writer: Dave Sim
Artists: Dave Sim, Gerhard

Publisher: Aardvark-Vanaheim

The cover to the latest CEREBUS displays a dying Cerebus nestled quite snugly and peacefully in his soon-to-be deathbed.

But the most chilling aspect of this cover is the depiction of the three little numbers “2”, “9”, and “8” situated at the very bottom.

Who could’ve ever believed that this roller coaster ride, which began way back in 1977, is only a couple of issues from a triumphal ending? And one thing is most certain; it’s been one hell of a ride.

Issue 298 continues the closing saga of the final days of the once great barbarian-pope, Cerebus, as he awaits the appearance of his only son, Shep-shep, to be with him before the end. The continued brilliance of Gerhard’s work on the stunning backgrounds opens this particular piece of the puzzle, and we get a tiny hint that there is more to this devil’s bargain than we were led to believe. Sim has once again pulled the rug out from under our sense of security as we learn a bit more about the mysterious son of the dying aardvark. The interplay between father and son concerning New Joanne and her current sphere of influence is again where Sim is at his finest, revealing pieces of the plot that only has the reader wanting more, and wanting it now.

So “Shep-shep” isn’t his son’s real name??? And just exactly what is in that box?!?

Another cliffhanger, gah!

Gerhard is now visiting the Yahoo Cerebus list (, answering some questions in preparation for when Dave also joins in later on. He faithfully stands by his “sensitive” partner and friend of many years, and he has revealed that he and Dave will be highly involved in the new “Following Cerebus” comic/mag that will be published immediately after issue #300 hits the stands. In case you just arrived in town, CEREBUS is one of the greatest comic book masterpieces ever published, and you won’t want to miss the annotations, explanations, and dissections that will take place both in “Following Cerebus” and on the internet group.

And did I mention that a huge Aardvark Comment section has returned to the back pages? All in all, CEREBUS remains a tremendous comic…well, for at least a couple more months, anyway. Don’t forget to get your retailer to order your extra copies of issue #300 to show Dave our appreciation! Most Holy commands it!

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