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Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #9

Posted: Saturday, February 7, 2004
By: Ray Tate

Writers: Alan Moore; Steve Moore
Artists: Mike Kaluta, Lee Moyer(c); Art Adams(layouts), Kevin Nowlan (finishes), Wildstorm FX(c); Alan Weiss(p), Steve Leialoha(i), Wildstorm(c)
Publisher: DC

Anybody who has read The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen knows that Alan Moore is a mind-bogglingly intelligent well-read individual who knows how to write not just comic book stories but also straight prose. For the first story of Tom Strong's Terrific Tales "Millennium Memories" Mr. Moore mimics the voice of a period reporter examining the oddities of the cities checkered history.

The story is not just a pastiche. It's also a thoughtful piece depicting in Mike Kaluta's delicate illustrations that often counter the horrors wrought by Mr. Moore's ends. The creative team suggests that people are too often willing to abide by the will of madmen. They show how science can often be purposeless in its application. They examine how the excesses of the rich take advantage of the poor and how their own indolence leads to their empires crumbling.

An intriguing Jonni Future story features her winning personality and growing intelligence as she becomes familiar with her uncle's world. Art Adams still draws her like a pulp master's wet dream, but there are fewer sexploitation shots that are mitigated further by the presence of Kevin Nowlan.

Young Tom Stong is usually the turkey of the bunch, but the author instead brings up recent Tom Strong continuity and embarks on a very moving look in the journal of Susan Strong, Tom's mother.

Three stories, and all are worth your time. These are not spectacular additions to the annals of Tom Strong, but they really should not be missed by anybody interested in this particular universe.

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