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Outsiders #8

Posted: Monday, February 9, 2004
By: Richard Vasseur

Writer: Judd Winick
Penciler: Tom Raney
Inker: Sean Parsons

Publisher: DC

Arsenal wants Huntress to replace him on the team. Nightwing is opposed to it. From the way Huntress is acting maybe he has every right to be. Arsenal as financial backer though puts her on the team.

There is a lot going on this issue Indigo and Metamorpho's cell double seem to be starting up a relationship. They are both new to the world so it will be a learning experience for both. Sabbac, hes an old villain, some group of thugs are going to bring him back. The little guy doesn't look like he could harm a fly. But once he changes back look out. Ok he didn't change back a mob boss stole his power so we now have a new Sabbac. He looks more mean and tough now. Bringing back an old villain and a powerful one at that is a good idea. Though changing him too much might be a mistake. He does look evil though.

The art is using too much black in it. These are super-heroes they should be in the light and drawn that way. Jade is a shining Green Lantern but she is kept in the darkness, why?

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