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Cerebus #299

Posted: Friday, February 13, 2004
By: Rick Sharer

"Latter Days #34”

Writer: Dave Sim
Artists: Dave Sim, Gerhard

Publisher: Aardvark-Vanaheim

Oh. God.

Two powerful words, uttered three times by the dying Cerebus when Pandora’s Box is finally opened.

Take those two words (uttered three times), and you’ll have a perfect description of one of the best issues of CEREBUS ever.

To those people who were certain that Dave Sim’s epic saga was ending with a whimper, boy, did Dave turn the tables on you! Echoing (yet again) the “wakeup” scene from MELMOTH, and perhaps a scene from Rocky and Bullwinkle, Sim pulls a Lion out of his hat to set up what appears to be a stunning end to this phenomenal series. Lifelong CEREBUS fans, after picking themselves off the floor, have been gushing with praise and excitement over what Dave is doing now.

The story continues with Sheshep at his father’s deathbed, carrying a box that houses a living surprise for “daddy”. As they trade barbs about whether “mom” is as smart as everyone thinks she is, Sheshep questions his father’s past truthfulness; in particular, he wonders about a Truth that possibly cost Cerebus his power base. Honesty makes no sense to the power-mad pawn of New Joanne, and it’s a curiosity to him as to why his father showed such “weakness”.

To prove his own strength, Sheshep reveals a secret about Cirin, and then blows his father away with a plan that rivals anything Bran or the Pigts could’ve ever hoped to realize. This issue ends with a scene many thought we’d never see again…

Sim brings everything together in this issue: passion, politics, religion, gender, horror, humor; and it’s all courtesy of his trademark plot, pencils and lettering…every strength of this book is evident as we prepare for the historical conclusion next issue. The magnitude of what-is-to-come is almost a heavier burden than the reader can bear. But it brings such anticipation…


Run to get this issue if you don’t have it…this is one to remember.

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