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New Mutants #8

Posted: Thursday, February 19, 2004
By: Joe Pascone

Writers: Nunzio Defilippis & Christina Weir
Artists: Carlo Barberi & Khary Randolph

Publisher: Marvel

The Plot:
Detention, detention, detention. The fallout from Julian and Josh ďwaking upĒ Magma in the last issue is felt in this one, a Family Day at Xavierís goes just about as well as an anarchist could plan it for Sofia and Joshís former involvement with the Reavers is revealed to people beyond his rescuers. All that and a new mutant shows up at the gates of Xavierís. Go fig, huh?

My Two Abes:
First off, I hate books that are late. I despise them. Itís nothing personal; I just donít like to be deprived of the chance to read something. I was thoroughly enjoying New Mutants on a month to month basis. Then I got tossed quicker than a new guy in prison. The book didnít ship. One week, two weeks, three, and so on and so forth, until I had given up hope. Then I saw it and picked it up. My hopes for the book hadnít been dimmed, but my enthusiasm for the title had been smote.

Iím in the dark as to why things are late. I know that people who make comics are people nonetheless and crap happens, but I never seem to be abreast of why things go wrong and for what reason. I always seem to miss things that have great relevance to titles I read. I donít know if the artists sent their samples in to be used as the office toilet paper, if the writers hadnít paid the tithes to the God of Script, if the editors of the book decided to eat an intern at Marvel which gave them horrific gas and as a result shut down the Marvel offices or if the place in Canada where Marvel prints their stuff was shut down by someone calling themselves The Gretzkinator. I just donít know.

But the book remains solid nonetheless. I like the idea that it showcases new mutants. I donít know what the long term strategy is for this book but, Iíd like to see a rotating cast of characters like theyíve had so far. It keeps things fresh. From Sofiaís ongoing family problems to the recent Reavers encounter, Iím thoroughly enjoying it all. And this new mutant is going to muck up things, so Iíll enjoy that too. See, freshness.

Last Shot:
The book only got 2 Bullets because it was so ding darned late. Iíd forgotten about much of the content that had come before it. My late night Google-ing brought me to a statement by Defilippis saying something about an internal shake up and how the book was being viewed at Marvel. My guess? The Reloaded phenomenon struck this book and almost scuttled it. Hopefully all is well and this book will come out with frequency once again. PLEASE!

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