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Supernatural Law #39

Posted: Saturday, February 21, 2004
By: Ray Tate

"The Appeal of the 800 lb. Gorilla"

Writer/Artist: Batton Lash, Trevor Nielsen assists
Publisher: Exhibit A

In Supernatural Law Batton Lash makes several observations on the human condition. A total jackass of an 800-pound gorilla enchants the fickle populace and becomes a celebrity. Due to humanity degrading reality shows, the definition of celebrity has metastasized into something different from its roots. Lash's nasty vile simian best exemplifies the punchline of Bill Mahr joke--"You're a fan of his what?" Usually, celebrities have a talent in which you can admire. I am a fan of Sara Michelle Gellar's acting ability. I am a fan of Sheryl Crow's singing. Exactly what do Survivor or Big Brother cast members do other than exist?

Lash keeps Wolff and Byrd--the Counselors of the Macabre--in perfect pitch, and this issue I believe is the first that shows them dropping a client. Also thankfully dropped is the dead-end and annoying unromantic subplot between Alanna and Chase Hawkins.

Supernatural Law is verbose in terms of dialogue, but Mr. Lash maintains a rhythm to the verbiage that speeds the story along. Artistically, Lash stretches with distinctive character depictions in the panels; one looks like the spawn of Rush Limbaugh and Elbee's Big Boy. While familiar moments--and may they never go far--such as Alanna's hair whipping the wind greet the reader, Lash also imbues some freshness to Wolff's and Byrd's gesticulations.

This issue, Mr. Lash includes a bonus second story done in the style and paying homage to Jimmy Corrigan. "The Scariest Kid on Earth" is a thoughtful vignette which shows that sometimes monsters really do need lawyers.

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