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The Monolith #2

Posted: Monday, March 8, 2004
By: Michael Deeley

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Artist: Phil Winslade

Publisher: DC

We see more of the Monolith’s past as he kills the gangsters that have been exploiting the poor. In the present day, Tilt warns Alice that Princeton is coming after her. Tilt comes to the house just before Princeton and his buddy show up. They chase Alice and Tilt into the basement. With no way out, Alice prepares to free the Monolith.

I bought this book solely because of Phil Winslade. I loved his work on a ‘Daredevil’ story back in 2002, and the last ‘Howard the Duck’ mini-series. It strongly resembles the work of Gene Colan, but with greater detail. The characters appear rich and alive. He’s a great artist and I’m glad he’s on a regular title.

The book’s weak point is the story. The flashback to the Monolith’s past feels like filler. The first issue already established who he is and what he did. At this point in the narrative, I don’t see why half the comic had to be spent on the Monolith killing gangsters 70+ years ago. I’d rather have seen Alice free the monster, fight Princeton, and together they begin a new chapter in both their lives. The story feels padded, quite frankly. Palmiotti and Gray shouldn’t have to do that. Alice is interesting enough to carry the entire book herself, wit ha little help from the big, stone beast.

One side note: The cover says, “New York has a new defender”, and shows Alice standing over the city. The Monolith’s shadow is cast behind her, and its arm is on her shoulder. This creates the impression that it’s Alice, not the golem, who’s the book’s star. I’d like to see that.

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