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The Dreamland Chronicles #1

Posted: Sunday, March 14, 2004
By: Egg Embry

Story and Art: Scott Christian Sava
Publisher: Astonish Comics

What would a fantasy comic book be like if it was produced by the film studio, PIXAR (creators of the computer-generated movies Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo)? To find the answer buy Scott Christian Sava’s The Dreamland Chronicles. It is that good.

First, if you are unfamiliar with Mr. Sava’s art, he does fully computer rendered 3D characters and computer backgrounds; it looks like super articulate action figures or… well, PIXAR. The characters are animated and have a wonderful, almost human life to them. The project has a REALLY unique look for a comic book. And that makes for a VERY cool comic.

The Dreamland Chronicles is an all-ages story set in our world and in the dream world of imaginative Alexander Carter. It is a good, good, good comic book.

Alex Carter is a college student who as a young boy dreamed about a fantasyland every night… until he died in his dreams. Now he is trying to get an extra credit in college by detailing his childhood dreams. And as he remembers his past he opens his personal Pandora’s Box. Imagine that your crazy recurring childhood dreams were real… to you, at least.

You see, when Alex was twelve, every night he leapt into the Dreamland. And there he would meet a group of friends, a young elf, a young fairy, and a young rock (true fact). Every night they would go on crazy adventures.

Until the night Alex died.

Now as a college student rooming with his nerd brother, Alex is taking any credit he can in order to stay in college. And one of those classes deals with dreams. As he explains this to the teacher’s assistant for the course he remembers something, as a child all his dreams were not dreams, they were real.

And that night, for the first time in years, Alex lays down and dreams.

My words are doing NO justice to this. You have to see The Dreamland Chronicles in order to see how good it is. If you see it, you will buy it just for the novelty. And when you read it you’ll be back for more. Scott Sava has generated an AMAZING comic. Easily accessible. Adventurous. Full of good characters. Clever. Funny. Gorgeous. It’s just wonderful. But don’t believe me, get a copy.

If you want, try the first few pages and see all four covers at The Astonish Factory.

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