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Street Angel #1

Posted: Tuesday, March 16, 2004
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Jim Rugg
Artist: Brian Maruca
Publisher: SLG

Teen-aged runaway girl fights ninjas and a mad scientist with her skateboard and superior fighting skills. Hilarity ensues.

Iíve praised this comic when it was a self-published mini-comic, I raved after reading the preview copy of the SLG edition, and Iím saying the same things I said before. This is a funny, funny book. Rugg and Maruca take conventional comic book story points and twist them into new shapes. The humor is very similar to Ben Edlundís ĎThe Tickí, (and so are the ninjas), while the art reminds me of Frank Miller. This is the product of two very talented men whose considerable skills are still growing.

What you may not is every word is true. ĎStreet Angelís city of Willkesborough is based on Pittsburgh, PA. And having lived there for the last 2 years, I can swear it is exactly like what you see in the comic: Half the city falling into ruin and poverty, corruption and incompetence at the highest levels of government, a squad of jack-booted police officers, the ninja gangs for hire, even the triple amputee. I donít know who he really is, but Iíve seen him around.

And then there are the skinny girls with skateboards. You donít mess with them. Ever. Donít even make eye contact. Station Square is their turf on weekdays. Weekends, they hang around the Carnegie library. These girls are hardcore, bred to the bone, skater punks and anarchic intellectuals. They will be the generals and heroes, come the revolution. And if thereís anything scarier than a 14-yo girl who can pull a somersaulting 520, break your arm, and discredit Adam Smith, itís not of this Earth.

So read ĎStreet Angelí. Best prepare yourself for their future.

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