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Coup D’Etat: Afterword

Posted: Tuesday, March 16, 2004
By: Michael Deeley

Writers: Mike Carey and Ed Brubaker
Artists: Whilce Portracio & Trevor Scott and Sean Phillips

Publisher: DC/Wildstorm

Two prelude stories that set up two new series coming from Wildstorm. First, Jackson Dane is asked to reassemble the Wetworks team when evidence of vampires is found. Next, John Lynch promises to bring Holden Carver, the superhuman double agent of ‘Sleeper’, back on “their” side. There are also profile pages of the Wildstorm teams and their characters.

Don’t be fooled by the title; this is a “Secret Files & Origins” issue. There are a couple of very short stories that don’t go anywhere or say much, along with pin-ups and team rosters. The book feels thin and padded. There’s very little in terms of actual content. Some of the profile pages seem unnecessary. What bearing do the old Stormwatch or Team 7 have on today’s titles?

One nice surprise was the Authority art by Trevor (Cla$$war) Harsine. It’s a good piece. Makes me think he could be in line to draw the ‘Authority’ series one day. That would be a huge improvement. Put Hairsine and Brubaker on that series and I’ll start reading it.

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