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Simpsons Comics #92

Posted: Sunday, March 21, 2004
By: Ray Tate

"The Burger Kings of Comedy"

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artists: John Costanza(p), Howard Schum (i), Art Villaneuva(c)
Publisher: Bongo

Chuck Dixon in my opinion turned Batman into a male-chauvinist pig and a clod. His mini-series Birds of Prey had Black Canary and Huntress identify a felon by his buttocks. 'Nuff said. Mr. Dixon rarely impresses me, but my friends, I will say this. He does write good Simpsons Comics.

"The Burger Kings of Comedy" is not just comedy. It is also a biting, cutting edge satire. Mr. Dixon sharpens his sword for school lunches being provided by lard-laden fast food purveyors, the poor condition animals must endure before being slaughtered for food and the expansion of commercialism.

At the same time, Dixon brings into his story a cornucopia of Simpsons characters and continuity that will make the reader grin like a madman until she can no longer keep her laughter behind the cage of her teeth. The scheme belong to Homer J. as he becomes a Krusty franchise operator, and this change in direction leads to moments with Cheif Wiggums and Lou, Lunchlady Doris and the hapless Gil who seems to be on his way up only plummet back down to nothing by the book's end.

Artwork by John Costanza and Howard Schum with the colors of Art Villanueva forces me to ask a simple question. Why are Bongo books seldom late? Costanza, Schum and Villanueva must illustrate over fifty characters in a variety of poses within the Matt Groening style in a fully dimensional setting, yet their work on this book never seems rushed and always seems to come in on time. This shouldn't be an accomplishment. This should be the norm.

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