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Action Comics #814

Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: Chuck Austen
Artists: Ivan Reis (p), Marc Campos (i)

Publisher: DC

How DC Describes This Issue:
The new creative team of Chuck Austen, Ivan Reis & Marc Campos and cover artist Arthur Adams takes over! A day in the life for anyone else would be ordinary, but not for Superman! There are robbers to catch, children to save, and the hordes of Apokolips to stop. And Darkseid and his minions provide only a hint of the threats on the way to challenge the Man of Steel. Plus, Lois tries to hide that Clark's job at the Daily Planet is in jeopardy!

How I Describe This Issue:
Chuck Austen - many have knocked the guy for his work BUT I can honestly say I have never really had a problem with the fella. His work on Uncanny X-Men has been solid enough, maybe some dodgy patches with his most recent arc - She Lies With Angels - but generally his comics are fun to read and characters likeable. Now, I must admit I wasn't 100 percent sure when he was announced as writer for Action Comics, but I enjoyed his Metropolis run and I would be buying the comic whatever happens. I buy anything with Superman in it, itís an obsession.

To my surprise it was actually a good start to his run, I was shocked. I was really looking forward to the art by Ivan Reis more than Chuckís story but found myself enjoying the story more than the art. Now the art wasnít bad by a long shot, the action scenes were brilliant (what I expect from a comic called Action) and Reisí Darkseid was very good. But I found some of the dialogue pages lacking, although some of the panels with Clark waiting to be seen by Perry were funny.

The story itself was entertaining, Superman was a little too cocky; I don't mind the back chat too much, but some of it seemed forced. I did like that Superman is kind of a release for Clark Kent, a chance for him to almost be himself. That was nice. It was also nice to see Superman confident, taking the fight to Darkseid, enjoying saving lives and smiling as he changes to Superman when he falls on the 3rd page of the book - it was almost like he was relieved to be changing into his costume.

In The End:
All in all, a very solid start and Austen has set up some nice ideas in play; not sure about the demotion of Kent but lets see how that pans out.

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