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Invincible #10

Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Ryan Ottley

Publisher: Image

How Image Describes This Issue:
Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age. He's a senior at a normal American High School. He has a crappy part time job after school and on weekends. He likes girls quite a bit∑ but doesn't quite understand them. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, and sleeping late on Saturdays∑ at least until the good cartoons come on. The only difference between Mark and everyone else is that his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, and as of late, he seems to be inheriting his father's powers. Which sounds okay at first, but how do you follow in your father's footsteps when you know you will never live up to his standards?

How I Describe This Issue:
Basically, itís ďwhat if Superman had a son?Ē This series has probably been my find of the year. Itís a great comic, I wish I had written down an idea I had similar to this and been able to pull it off half as well.

This issue we find our lead character, Mark, too busy dealing with his own life to have time to talk to his dad (the most powerful superhero in the world), going to a comic shop to pick his weekly mags and a ending that readers who have been following the series have been waiting for. This comic does not disappoint and I advise you to pick up the 2 trades that are out now if you havenít read this series. Robert Kirkman manages to combine comedy, drama and some damn good superhero moments in this issue and it appears that he works very well with artist Ryan Ottley. The comic store signing is a great scene to read and look at, with some excellent visual gags as well as funny dialogue. The thing that also makes this a good book is the story and dialogue are simple (and I donít mean that in a bad way); itís not hard to follow and the writer doesnít make you feel like idiot by explaining everything to you.

The art is super, the style is very triangular but it works very well. Itís like a cross between the Justice League cartoon and more traditional comic book artist like Dan Jurgens. The art is often humorous and action-packed, all in the same frame - this can be seen in the opening pages of this issue. The artistís character designs play on other universesí creations and are often hilarious; check out the panel featuring a man dressed as an elephant, clearly Spider-Manís Rhino was the inspiration here.

In The End:
Buy this comic - good art, good writing, and a good story. This is a comic that is made by creators that love comics - and it shows.

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