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H-E-R-0 #15

Posted: Thursday, April 22, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artists: Dale Eaglesham (p), Wade Von Grawbadger (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

How DC Describes This Issue:
Former H-E-R-O device owner Robby Reed stars in an issue featuring the debut of new series artist Dale Eaglesham. Of all the people who've possessed the H-E-R-O device, Robby Reed had it the longest. For years, he transformed into heroes like "Giant Boy", "King Kandy", and "The Mighty Moppet." Now, decades later, he shows up at the door of Jerry Feldon (last seen using the device in H-E-R-O #1-#4) and tells him that they've got to track it down together.

How I Describe This Issue:
First off I never read the original series, or any of the mini seriesí that followed - but the idea that anyone can have super powers if they use the H.E.R.O device really hit a cord with me. You know ďI could be a hero tooĒ, that kinda thing. This series has been a good read so far and this issue is no different. Basically the issue is a set up for what's to come; and as I said it looks good. Robby Read is concerned that the device is going to end up in the hands of the wrong person and tries to convince Jerry Feldon that together they must find before its too late... but in true comic book and soap opera fashion by the end issue it already is.

Itís good writing, and also a good jumping on point for anyone thinking about picking up this title. Will Pfeifer does a good job of recapping the history of Robby Read (a character I have never heard of) and his motives for his actions. I would have liked a quick recap of Jerry Feldonís back story, but as it was only 11 issues ago I can understand why there wasnít one - least a page would have been nice though explaining his downfall and mishaps with the H.E.R.O device. I suspect there is more going on with Robby Read, and look forward to seeing more about him in upcoming issues.

New artist Dale Eaglesham does a fine job, he reminds me of Stuart Immonen back in the day (not like his work on Superman: Secret Identity - that is amazing). The art is crisp and easy to follow. I especially liked the flashbacks to Robby Readís H.E.R.O past, and the old style colouring here helped. There is a great one page towards the end of the comic and also the final page is excellent and quite spooky. A quick shout needs to go out to the cover artist (John Van Fleet) for a truly scary painted cover of the device falling into the wrong hands, it shows what the issue is going to be about. Unfortunately it also ruins the last page, which would have left me feeling quite agitated if this cover hadnít already done so.

In The End:
A good start to a new arc that promises to be very interesting, but because itís not very original: powerful magical device falls into wrong hands, that old chestnut; I wonít give it more than just above an average score. The issue has comedy, drama, a little bit of action and a good last page that makes you want to pick up the next issue. The artist shows promise and hopefully he will shine in the next issue with some more action/splash pages.

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