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Adventures Of Superman #627

Posted: Sunday, April 25, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artists: Matthew Clark (p), Nelson (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

How DC Describe The Issue:
An old foe comes to Metropolis with murder and something much more sinister on his mind. Meanwhile, Clark's job troubles continue as he rides along with the Special Crimes Unit.

How I Describe The Issue:
Good, but not great. To be honest I was expecting more. Out of all the new teams I think Greg Rucka was the writer I was most looking forward to. Now don’t get me wrong it was good, but I wanted more. We have a good set up with Clark being demoted to the SCU reporter, I liked that. I also liked the setting up of a new mastermind; but again it seems its the old plot device of testing Superman, using lesser known villains to see what he can or can’t do etc etc.

I didn’t like the “lets get Lois out of the Metropolis” plot line, but it’s too early to see where that is going. Rucka’s dialogue was also very strong and his characterisation of Superman/Clark was good. He did well to show Superman still loves helping people, even the simplest of things make a difference and Superman still has time to do them. His Clark was ok, not the confident man we have seen in the last 10 years and also back to being the guy no-one notices and cares about. Maybe he over played it a little, but it was good.

Matthew Clark’s art was good, I liked it; but it was almost too realistic. His Superman was nice, Lois looked ok and Jimmy also ok. I liked his Clark, he was drawn different to Superman - bending over, not holding his head high, shoulders hunched - excellent! I also liked the flashes of Superman, while in his guise of Clark Kent, in the Helicopter, and Clark and Superman both looked very natural - not over the top BUFF supermen. The colouring was good and also the inking. I really like the realistic hair. I was reminded of Barry Kitson and that era, very similar stuff going on there. A special shout should go to cover artist Gene Ha, nice but feels a little empty; I think the style is very cool and look forward to future covers.

In The End:
Overall I enjoyed the issue, but did find myself expecting more. I liked the art and the dialogue was cool. The plot itself wasn’t up to much, but I get the feeling Rucka is building up to something that I am sure will develop as the issues continue. I hope that Rucka doesn’t spend too much time with SCU. I know its Clark’s new job BUT lets remember this is the ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, not the SCU and Clark Kent. I must admit I enjoyed Action Comics better, but so far for the new teams it’s two out of two.

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