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Superman/Batman #9

Posted: Sunday, April 25, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Michael Turner

Publisher: DC Comics

How DC Describe The Issue:
The mysterious girl trapped inside the Kryptonite meteor that fell to Earth is taken to the Fortress of Solitude, where Superman and Batman try to teach her to fit into our society. But on Apokolips, someone else has plans for her, as do the Amazons!

How I Describe The Issue:
Damn, Michael Turner can draw hot women!

This issue doesnít really move the mystery of this new Supergirl onwards, but it is a lot of fun. There are a few plot developments, but nothing really substantial. Like the first arc of this series, Loeb is gearing up for the latter half of the story. I also really hope that Batman is wrong about Kara being a fake, or a clone or a double agent - but letís face it when is Batman ever wrong? I really want a decent Supergirl back in the DC universe, we had a good series running for a while with Peter David, but that dried up and spiked at the end of its run (I advise anyone half interested in this storyline to pick the TPB of the last arc from Davidís run Ė ďmany happy returnsĒ I think is itís name). Loeb does well to show the different opinions of Bats and Supes and does it with style and humour. His love of the Silver Age also comes into play and is evident in this issue.

The art is rather nice, Turner draws great woman, but we all know that. All the men and women in his world are supermodels, apart from maybe a punk or two in the background. His Batman is excellent, I like the darkness of him even when he is in the bright lights of Metropolis. His Superman is still growing on me, and his Clark is also not to my taste. I prefer it when an artist gives Clark a different look to just ĎSuperman in glassesí. The fight scenes at the end were nicely done, it was a shame they came at the end of the issue. Oh, nice cover of Batman watching Superman and Kara over his shoulder by the way.

In The End:
I have a feeling this arc will make a good TPB when itís complete, if I had the staying power I would wait and read it all at once. The issue is good, but it didnít really have the flare and excitement of the 1st part. As mentioned I really hope this is the real Supergirl, Loeb has said itís the introduction of someone new into Supermanís life, but I hope he means for good and not another villain. For all those purists who shout Superman has to be the last of his kind, I say as long as he remains ďThe last SON of KryptonĒ I donít mind the introduction of his cousin (I think Supergirl could be very positive for any young female readers). I wouldnít even mind not being the last son if they found a way to return the real ZOD and not the rubbish we have had recently in Action Comics (it had potential, but was ruined by being revealed as a Russian lookalike). Anyway, enough ranting - Buy this issue!

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