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Uncanny X-Men #443

Posted: Monday, April 26, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: Chuck Austen
Artists: Salvador Larroca(p)

Publisher: Marvel

How Marvel Describe The Issue:
pt. 2 With the threat of Magneto finally at an end, Professor X sets off to Genosha to memorialize his greatest foe and oldest friend...something that doesnít sit well at all with Wolverine!

What I thought about it:
Eh... it was ok. Lots of shouting, nothing really interesting. Chuck Austen does a nice job of reminding us what Charles Xavier believes in and why the X-Men and his work must continue, but thatís about it. The last few panels were nice, Xavier and the dead (for how long?) body of Magneto alone together.

To be honest I donít have much to say on the issue, it didnít really evoke any feelings, I had already heard what had been said before. New readers may have liked more, it wasnít that it was bad, but just old dialogue said between Xavier and someone different this time around. This Story (more this issue) seems like filler, just waiting for the big X-Men reload to kick in next month.

Austenís Uncanny has been a mixed bag for me, he me got started on buying Uncanny (I only got New X-Men before), but I have slowly lost interest in his stories. I liked the Nightcrawler origin, the stuff with Sammy and Cain, and some of the other arcs from the last year. I really didnít care for the ďshe lies with angelsĒ storyline (my brother liked it, said it was good) and some of the more recent stuff.

The art was not my cup of tea, some of the angles were strange, the characters looked like different people in different frames and we never got a great shot of the rebuilt statue at the end. That said the layouts were nice enough, and panels easy to follow. The colours seemed a little washed out which I also didnít like, I prefer comic book colours to be bold unless they are meant to look dull - these seemed dull for no reason.

The cover was also dull, Logan looks cool as always though, and Xavier looked a lot like his Movie counterpart.

In The End:
In a week where we get two X-Men comics by Austen this is definitely the weaker of the two. Its a nice set up of where Xavier will be next month, but if you have the money to spend on a comic you are better off picking up something else. If you are planning to buy Excalibur next month buy this issue. Chuck Austen, however, is doing better work in Action Comics and (just about) in New X-Men. I liked the 1st part of this story better, this issue just lets itself down.

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