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Uncanny X-Men #443

Posted: Friday, April 30, 2004
By: Michael Wilson

Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Sal Larroca

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Prof. X wants to hold a memorial in Genosha to honor his old friend/foe Magneto, but this may not happen if his three children and Wolverine have their way.

Talk about lame. Chuck Austenís damage to the X-books is looking almost irreparable at this point. His problem is that he does not understand the characters he writes about and he doesnít know how to create conflict without it looking like a day time soap opera. Last issue, Wolverine threw a childís temper tantrum at the funeral. He kicked Magneto out of his casket, single-handedly destroy the monstrous Magneto statue in Magda Square, and then complained. This was out of character for him to act to childishly since he didnít have to go to the damned thing in the first place. All Xavier wants to do is honor someone who he knows better than anyone and is worthy of being memorialized. Magnetoís three children didnít seem to care that he was dead. They never liked him, but come on. Even Polaris didnít seem to care much. She gave a pretty stupid speech in this issue about how maybe Magneto was right, but then she just bursts into tears and begs for Prof. X not to give his life for the cause. Thatís all that happened this issue. Chuck Austen has to go. Heís a disease that has plagued Marvel too long and nothing is stopping it. I was so angry after reading this issue because I lost $2.25 on it and a few minutes reading it. Plus, thereís a slight chance that he might go to New X-Men regularly.

Sal Larroca does his artwork very well, as usually, but I think Iím ready for a new artist. Larrocaís been with us for years now (since 1997 I think), and there are many artists out there that can make this book look good. Unfortunately, Alan Davis is to become the regular artist next month. I never liked his artwork and heís been doing X-books since 1987. Chris Claremont, whoís about to become regular writer again, has to go. Back in the day he was hot, but since he left in 1991, he hasnít done anything even mildly impressive. I am so sick of seeing my favorite comics get so little variety in the range of creators and such a lack of talent period. Iím actually tempted to switch over to DC and check out Batman and Superman since their creator have been doing some out of this world stuff lately. This sucks.

Final Word:
If you buy this comic, you are supporting Chuck Austen. Thatís all I have to say.

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