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Bone #54

Posted: Saturday, May 1, 2004
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist:Jeff Smith
Publisher: Cartoon Books

Damn you, Jeff Smith! After making your fans wait so long for the next issue of Bone, you create a climax of cinematography that's so accomplished the reader does not come to the end. He runs out of pages.

The story begins with amusement from Smiley that echoes back to the comic book's humble beginnings: "Stupid, stupid rat creatures!" Once again, the cousin shows there be method to his madness, and the juxtaposition of two reactions in interconnected consequences is laugh out loud funny.

We cut next to Rose's amusing revenge against Phoney for actually figuring out a way to stop the impending doom, thereby endangering Thorn who with Bone seeks the Crown of Thorns.

Mr. Smith once again escapes your expectations during a dramatic and philosophical conclusion. The Crown is something that requires for the heroes an agonizing journey that's merely inches in length. The suspense tantalizes.

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