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Superman #204

Posted: Sunday, May 2, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artists: Jim Lee (p), Scott Williams (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

What DC Said:
Fan favorites Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee & Scott Williams take on the Man of Steel in an extra-sized issue! As people around the world disappear, a new world threat tests Superman like never before reveals itself! Plus, the introduction of Father Leone, a figure who will play an important role in coming months.

What I Think:
Jim Lee on Superman! I canít think of much better (maybe Bendis or Millar on a monthly Superman title - drawn by Lee). Brian Azzarello does a good job of starting off a story which he plans to run with Lee throughout the year long run

Jim Leeís art was ok, I think itís fair to say that Superman posed in every panel, and I say well done Mr Lee Ė that was great. I liked the subtle changes to the costume, the slight change to the s symbol was nice. I didn't like the cape, it seemed to change length for dramatic effect - this works with Batman, not Supes. I found that Lee is still finding his take on Superman, his face seemed to change between panels, as Lee looked for the right look. The space scene was excellent, all those war ships were beautifully drawn; the inking was nice, standard but nice. The colouring was pretty good, even in the shadows of the church Supermanís uniform stood bright and iconic.

Azzarello story was not action packed as I had hoped but it starts off the mystery well and set up the lead characters. I liked his Batman story, but still think he may be wrong for Superman (really looking forward to his Lex Luthor story mind you). I would have preferred another writer in his place, but I am willing to see where he goes with this. I hope the disappearance of Lois is more than just because he didnít know what to do with her and is an actual plot we will enjoy.

In The End:
A good solid start, great art with an interesting set up. Itís three out of three for the new Superman titles, hereís hoping it continues next month.

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