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The Outsiders #11

Posted: Monday, May 3, 2004
By: Shawn Hill

ďScream Without Raising Your VoiceĒ

Writer: Judd Winick
Artists: Will Conrad and Sean Parsons

Publisher: DC

Speedy needs to process his recent near death experience, though acting out through sex and battle isnít perhaps the healthiest answer to his anguish.

Winick often excels at these single character issues, and itís a nice change of pace after the team battles against demonic menaces of late. It is time for Roy to cope with his trauma, and itís nice to see a more mundane hero (saved only by his full-body armor from a surprise ambush) actually suffer the consequences of his risk-taking.

That said, Royís hardly the brightest of men, and his solutions to his dilemma are predictably prosaic. While Graceís attitude and insight is brutally sound, it really takes a good buddy like Nightwing to get to the heart of Arsenalís problem.

The remainder of the issue is given over to the heartiest of male bonding rituals, and guest artist Conradís muscular men in tights donít belie the homoerotic allusions made by Winick in dialogue. Robin and Speedy go way back, and sometimes it takes a friend to help you see what you canít make out yourself. Itís nice in fact to see Dick let his guard down a bit, recalling the optimistic Robin of old. This sort of identity crisis, and its beat in the ongoing narrative, may be formulaic. But, under Winickís careful construction, itís also warm and authentic and funny.

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