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Batman #626

Posted: Tuesday, May 4, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: Judd Winick
Artists: Dustin Nguyen (p), Richard Friend (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

How DC Describe The Issue:
Part 1 of the 5-issue thriller "As the Crow Flies", written by Judd Winick with art by WILDCATS VERSION 3.0's Dustin Nguyen & Richard Friend and painted covers by Matt Wagner! Gotham's underworld is thrown into turmoil as its crime lords slip into a rabid ó and murderous ó frenzy. Is it coincidence, or part of an elaborate and sinister powerplay? Join a hot new creative team for an unforgettable soon-to-be classic!

How I Found The Issue:
This is a great issue, it has all the makings of a good Batman story. We have action, humour and two classic Batman villains teaming up to face against the dark knight.

The story starts well with Batman confronting a crazed crime lord, pumped up on fear toxins. The pacing of the panels is nice and the art very strong; the story flows very well. Batman looks great, just how he should. Alfred looks a little off as does Nguyenís Penguin - but the Scarecrow is spot on the money. The colouring is good too, Gotham and its citizens are not too dark yet still as they should.

The only real problem with the issue (apart from Batman using Robin, Tim Drake, to dress up like a young female nurse) is instead of turning this into a mystery that the readers and Batman have to figure out (like Hush and Broken City), Winick gives away who the main villains of the piece are. Now we (the paying public) have to sit back and watch Batman try to figure out what we already know, lets hope itís made into an interesting ride or this arc will to slip downhill.

In The End:
Its refreshing to see a normal, fun for everyone Batman story. I could give this to a ten year old and they would easily enjoy this comic, itís not dark or really scary and itís not violent. Batman is himself, Alfred is present and we have two recognisable villains that any Batman fan knows and loves. Itís a story that wants to be a Batman adventure, not a lesson in the dark knight. Its a fun Superhero story (did I make my point?), my only real problem with all these arcs lately is how long they are - this arc along is another six issues, again it may well be worth waiting till the trade comes out.

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