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Swamp Thing #3

Posted: Saturday, May 8, 2004
By: Shawn Hill

"Bad Seed part III"

Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Enrique Breccia

Publisher: DC/Vertigo

Tefe, Abby, John, Alec, Sargon and the “Incredible Sulk” (heh!) continue circling around each other, though clearly Constantine is aligning forces against the now-destructive and dominant Elemental.

Kudos to Diggle for immersing his story so fully in the Vertigo continuity; all the elements from the Moore, Veitch, Millar and Vaughan Swamp Things come into play here. Each of those had something interesting to contribute to the mythology, though it is a bit of a wonder that Diggle has found places remaining to go in this convoluted family dynamic.

Most of that place, wisely, is Tefe, the youngest and least tried member of the group. It’s a hoot to see Sargon (especially Breccia’s devilish, wizened and levitating version) ply his wares on young Tefe. It’s like a seedier, less powerful Dr. Strange forcefully conscripting a student. Now, if Tefe stays this dumb for long she’s going to outlive her usefulness as a character, but Vaughan found levels within her teen angst, and I’m confident Diggle (who writes a fairly hilarious Constantine, no easy task) can do that too.

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